Sauce Bae Hot Sauce Now Available at 251 Harris Teeter Stores

During October of 2021, Sauce Bae hot sauce began hitting the shelves of 251 Harris Teeter locations.


Harris Teeter customers will now be able to find both flavors of Sauce Bae while shopping for hot sauce at their local Harris Teeter store. This includes our "Skinny Habanero" hot sauce that was featured on season 9 of Hot Ones, and our "Hotter Habanero" hot sauce. We will also be running some major promotions throughout the year, with sale prices hitting a low point of $4.49. - So, keep your eyes peeled!


We are incredibly excited, and extremely thankful to be partnering up with Harris Teeter. This partnership allows us to eliminate the expensive shipping costs that are associated with online orders, which gives us the opportunity to offer Sauce Bae to in-store customers at a significantly lower price point. This has always been our vision, and by partnering up with Harris Teeter, we are able to follow through on our vision.
Sauce Bae Hot Sauce Harris Teeter Grocery Stores next to Truff and Siete

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