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Unopened Sauce Bae can be stored in your cabinet at room temperature. Since we do not use any preservatives, refrigerating after opening can help maintain freshness, however our sauce naturally has a great shelf life so it's okay to leave out.

The best by date can be found on the bottle, and is 2 years from the original production date.

Yes! Sauce Bae naturally has a great shelf life. If you have an unopened bottle laying around that is approaching the best by date then don't worry as it will be good for up to a full additional year after the best by date if stored in normal conditions such as your cabinet.

Since Sauce Bae is a natural product, the color and heat level can vary from batch to batch. Also, if the sauce is sitting somewhere where there is a lot of direct light it causes the sauce to turn a lighter color if the sauce has not been shaken in awhile. This is normal! Just shake the bottle and you will see that the color will turn back to its normal color.


Our unfiltered USA raw honey is gently warmed, not pasteurized, preserving its natural antioxidants, enzymes, pollen, and vitamins. Unlike many producers, we don’t overheat and filter to remove pollen or prevent crystallization, ensuring our honey retains all its beneficial components, contributing to its full health potential.

The USA Bae-Bee!

Unfiltered and unpasteurized raw honey is a natural source of antioxidants, pollen, and enzymes!

Crystallization is a natural process that occurs when the sugars in honey form solid crystals. Far from being a flaw, it's a sign of high-quality, pure honey that hasn't been overly processed. Many commercial honeys are heated and filtered to remain smooth and liquid, but this strips away most of the honey's inherent benefits.

At Sauce Bae, we embrace crystallization as a testament to our honey's quality and natural state, and utilize a special controlled process to encourage crystallization right after being bottled which results in a much smoother and superior form of crystallized raw honey!

1) Place sealed jar in warm water (not hot) in a large bowl. Our label is waterproof.
2) Ensure jar is fully underwater.
3) Wait 15 minutes then remove jar.
4) Dry jar, open, then stir honey with fork until silky smooth.
5) Enjoy!


There is no easy answer to this. When this happens, we recommend that you simply share your Sauce Bae (as hard as that is), or just let them go. Sometimes just letting them go is the easier option.