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Sauce Bae Founder Kevin Carbone's Live Interview on News 12 New Jersey

29 Aug 2023
Kevin Carbone Founder of Sauce Bae behind the scenes on set of NJ 12 News

Sauce Bae's founder, Kevin Carbone, recently took the spotlight in a live interview on News 12 New Jersey. Joined by Syma Chowdhry, the interview provided a glimpse into the origins of Sauce Bae and featured a tantalizing taste test of the popular Skinny Habanero flavor.

During the 2-3 minute segment, Carbone shared the inspiration behind Sauce Bae's health-focused hot sauces made with real ingredients. As part of the experience, Syma had the chance to try the Skinny Habanero sauce, which left an unforgettable impression.

The interview replayed multiple times on TV screens across New Jersey, and was an amazing opportunity for the brand to generate more brand awareness within its home state of NJ.

A link to the full article and video on News 12 New Jersey can be found here:

Here are some cool behind the scenes photos of the interview. 

Kevin Carbone Sauce Bae News 12 New Jersey Hot Sauce


Kevin Carbone, Founder of Sauce Bae on set at News 12 New Jersey


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