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Sauce Bae Joins KeHe Distributors as Golden Ticket Winner

08 Apr 2022
KeHE Distributors Truck
Big news for Sauce Bae! KeHE Distributors allowed 250 companies to pitch their products to them and Sauce Bae has been announced as one of their Golden Ticket winners. This great honor will allow Sauce Bae to join KeHe's portfolio, receive promotional exposure, and the opportunity to potentially be on the shelves of more than 30,000 retail locations throughout the country. Winners of the competition were selected based on ingredients, innovation, taste, scalability, packaging, purpose and passion. 
The opportunity to work with Kehe is simply amazing and we at Sauce Bae want to thank all of you (our amazing customers) for supporting us and bringing us to this giant step in our journey.
Keep a look out for more updates to come!


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