Sauce Bae Now Available In 990 Food Lion Locations

Big news for Sauce Bae fans. As of 3/28/2022, Sauce Bae hot sauce will be launching in 990 Food Lion store locations throughout the country! This is great news for all Sauce Bae fans as this adds many extra locations for our awesome customers to go and buy it (and at a great price!). Also, this is our biggest launch yet, allowing us to have a much larger reach to meet and find future Sauce Bae fans.

Food Lion customers will now be able to find both flavors of Sauce Bae (Skinny Habanero and Hotter Habanero) as they are shopping for hot sauce at their local store location. Keep in mind, Sauce Bae bottles will be significantly cheaper in store at Food Lion than online, so be sure to go out and purchase!


Sauce Bae Hot Sauce on shelf at Food Lion.

Sauce Bae Skinny Habanero on the shelf at Food Lion. Don’t you worry, Hotter Habanero is on the way!


We here at Sauce Bae feel extremely excited for the opportunity to work with Food Lion and know that we will have an amazing future together. Keep on the lookout for future news as Sauce Bae will continue to expand and come to even more stores near you.

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